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Our Perfect Disease (a Kuroko no Basuke fic)

Our Perfect Disease by meguri_aite

(a multishippy miragen fic complete at 5075 words, featuring midokise, aokise, akamido, and hell knows what involving Midorima trying to be philosophical and Kise never getting what he wants)


Oha Asa did warn him that today wouldn’t bring him anything but ghosts of days gone by. But this was the thing with horoscopes – the knowledge of the future was not the same as the weapon to change it; sometimes the only sensible thing to do was to accept the bad luck gracefully and float in its waters until they ran dry – which they inevitably would, sooner or later, for such was the nature of life.

Midorima watches Touou vs Kaijou match, and Oha Asa is never wrong.

(you can read it on AO3 or here under the cut)

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Kise Makes A Friend (a Hikaru no Go/Kuroko no Basuke crossover)

Kise Makes A Friend by meguri_aite (a HnG/KnB crossover, first in Aces of Kaijou series)

this is a collaboration with the greatest made-of-coffee, who had an awesome idea and did an awesome fanart for this crossover universe - please give her all the love!

Hikaru no Go/Kuroko no Basuke crossover, first story in Aces of Kaijou series (G, complete at 2815 words) featuring Kise Ryouta, Touya Akira and the giggling student body of Kaijou high.


Kaijou High has a few aces up its sleeve, Kise shares the spotlight with some prissy guy who actually wears Kaijou school uniform buttoned up, and Touya gets a fanclub.

When the Student Council president of Kaijou High suggested that the Newspaper Club do a special issue on the school’s star pupils, he didn’t know he was about to revolutionize the school’s popularity rankings and foster one beautiful friendship.

(you can read it on AO3 or here under the cut)

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Divine Intervention (a Hikaru no Go fic)

Divine Intervention by meguri_aite

(Shindou Hikaru/Touya Akira, complete at 5720 words, also featuring Waya Yoshitaka, because Shindou is his karmic punishment)


Some pros can’t stop gossiping, certain deities won’t stop meddling, and Shindou has a headache.

In fact, Shindou would have gone so far as to say that the day was going positively and quite literally insane, because he was hearing voices. Voices that seemed to belong inside the heads of the people around him. A person with a less resilient psyche, and admittedly, more conventional formative years would have run screaming and checked themselves in at the nearest clinic, but Shindou prided himself on being a mature adult wise in the ways of the world. So he was mostly just terribly annoyed and developing a headache.

(you can read it on AO3 or here under the cut)

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