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It Takes Two (Pairs) to Rengo (a Hikaru no Go fic)

It Takes Two (Pairs) To Rengo by meguri_aite

girl!Ko/girl!Yashiro, and eternal rivals being themselves, basically

a blind_go collaboration with brilliant yonha - thank you so much for the wonderful picture and late-night conspiring <3 your kickass girl!yashiro started it all, and I couldn’t be happier

a zillion thanks to my deer dear who remained stoic in the face of a late-night proposition to proofread this story until it was “slam done” and helped come up with the title for it - at 4 am nontheless!


“Are you going to be a major nuisance this time, too? You know, you don’t really have to do it.”

Yashiro just wants everyone to get along, okay?

(you can read it on AO3 or here below the cut)

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Rec With Caution (a Psycho-Pass fic)

Rec With Caution by meguri_aite

written for my deer dear, for the prompt “Makishima’s Book Club (members of your choice) discussing YA dystopias”, with many thanks for being kind enough to help me fix errors in her own gift fic ♥

dear readers, please don’t take the literary references and opinions too seriously, or Makishima will come for you


Makishima delivers one of his impromptu lectures on literature, Choe listens and takes notes, but even that does not guarantee some quality reading.

“Your worst enemy is your nervous system. At any moment, the tension inside you is liable to translate itself into some visible symptom. And like just like that, its betrayal gets picked up by Sybil’s psychosomatic scanners, and you are branded for life,” Makishima Shougo said, turning his back to the glass wall that offered a view of the night-time Tokyo. Someone with a soul more poetic than Choe’s might, perhaps, have described it with a pithy epithet or two. To him, it was just dark and blurry with rain.

(you can read it on AO3 or under the cut)

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Accidentally Kise (a Kuroko no Basuke fic)

Accidentally Kise by meguri_aite

explicit, complete at 2926 words

featuring some teiko-era aokise, occasional miragen cameo, some random lecturing by midorima, and tons of swearing


Aomine’s quality time with his gravures gets rudely interrupted by a teen fashion magazine.

He was deeply uncomfortable to the level it was becoming a pain, and it all started with that one damn mistake that was all Kise’s fault.

It started out innocently enough. Well, in the broader meaning of the word. Aomine was minding his own business, enjoying a moment of peace and quiet alone with his gravures, doing what he usually did at such times, of course.

(you can read it on AO3 or under the cut)

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iatheia replied to your post “fic meme”

Kise is straight. Hikaru and Sai run away to get married. Akira quits go. *ducks*

“Aw, but I can’t come to practice on Saturday,” says Kise. “Would love to, but can’t.”

There is a hopeful look on his face that says he’s itching to be asked why, but the generation of miracles is never obliging, so in three heartbeats he gives up and breaks the supposedly suspenseful silence himself.

“I’ll be on a date,” he says modestly, coyly ruffling his own bangs, and expects a reaction.

Momoi Satsuki looks up from her notes.

“Oh, then you managed to drag Dai-chan out?”

Kise opens his mouth to protest, but Aomine is ahead of him already.

“Oi, Satsuki, what are you saying? I wouldn’t look good on the pretty boy’s arm,” he laughs at his own joke, completely indifferent to Kise’s indignation. “He’s always been all over Tetsu, anyway, so it has to be him, right?”

“I’m afraid it’s not me,” Kuroko stops slurping his vanilla milkshake to reply.

“It’s probably Mido-chin,” supplies Murasakibara thoughtfully, three different Pocky sticks in his mouth. “Kise-chin is always texting him an awful lot.”

Kise tears at his hair. “I am not!”

“In fact, you are,” Midorima says, adjusting his glasses. “Excessively so. You should consider cutting down on your texts if you don’t want me blocking your number. However, you are right in that I’m not your date for Saturday.”

The generation of miracles takes a minute to exchange long glances, and then Aomine speaks for all of them. Brave ones are always the first to rush into battle.

“Well, if that’s not any of us here,” Aomine begins slowly. Brave ones are also the first to die, he remembers. “then it…can’t be our cap-?”

“Stop it! It is not Akashicci!” Kise cries. “It’s not anyone from the team! Why are you asking that, anyway? She’s a third-year senpai, you probably don’t even know her!”

“It’s a girl?” everyone exclaims in unison, except Aomine, who says, “Not anyone from the team?”

Kise looks at the row of genuinely surprised faces in front of him and resolves never to talk to them about his love life ever again.

Unlike him, they were all pretty hopeless at it this dating business anyway.

also on AO3

Natsu’s Operation (a Haikyuu!! fic)

Natsu’s Operation (2617 words) by meguri_aite

gen, complete at 2.6k, featuring Kageyama King of Derp, Hinata siblings, and Yachi Hitoka, who needs more love

written for dear yonha's birthday, as a collaboration with awesome made-of-coffee, who made the loveliest illustration and was super-helpful in general <3


Hinata and Kageyama try to thank Yachi for tutoring them, Natsu strategizes, and Yachi gets invited to a matsuri.

“Hey, Kageyama.”


“I think we should take Yachi-san somewhere, to thank her for tutoring us.”


“I know! We both scored well enough on make-up tests. Unbelievable!”

“Your forty points are unbelievable.”

“You should be talking, mister forty-and-a-half points!”

(you can read it on AO3 or here below the cut)

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yonha asked: OH GOD THIS IS HARD (LAUGHS) AoKise + 15 please?? *v*


15. aokise, college AU (i’m not sure about the college part, haha)

“Wake up.”

“Get out.”

“Wake up, Aominecchi!”

“Go to hell, Kise.”

“You have a test today, and I need the blow dryer.”

“Blow- bzuh?”

“I know you don’t care about your test, and your professors don’t care about your test, but you need to go there for appearance’s sake - and I absolutely need the blow dryer.”

“Dunhave one. Leave me in peace.”

“As a matter of fact, you do. I brought one here, some time ago.”


“Aominecchi, get your head from under the pillow, or I’ll drag you out myself.”

“… try.”

“Okay, I warned– whoa, what are you doing? Let me go, I have to get ready!”

“Shut up, Kise.”

* * *

“We’re late.”


“Both of us.”


“I don’t see you repenting.”


“Thought so. I’ll have you know, I missed my photo shoot. Well, at least now I have time to look for the blow dyer.”

“What do you even need it for? Aren’t you pretty enough as it is, m?”


also on AO3

kexingen asked: Akira/Hikaru (WHAT A SURPRISE. YOU MEAN THAT OTHER FANDOMS EXIST). Though I am not sure what prompt so I will leave that totally to you. Maybe gods? Or prison? I know we had that discussion about which kind of dark they would go, so this is a good opportunity.


this didn’t turn out exactly a prison AU, rather more of a tribute to Arcadia - I hope you like it nontheless:)

“Hello, Inspector.”

There is nothing rude about the form of address, the insolence in the tone of voice is almost perfectly concealed, and the hands are placed on the table in a deliberately peaceful gesture, and yet Touya feels like he’s the one sitting under the bright lamplight, waiting to be interrogated.

“Shindou Hikaru,” he says instead of greetings, and sees the man’s eyes light up in satisfaction. Did he hear something in the way Touya said his name?

“Are you back with the same questions, Inspector?”

“Are you back to the same not-answers?”

An almost friendly chuckle.

“Well, I’m not Touya Akira, the brightest young detective in Japan,” he says with unsettlingly genuine admiration, and Touya once again feels measured and judged by someone out of this world. “Maybe you already came up with an ingenious way to crack the puzzle - hopefully one that doesn’t involve so much repetition.”

“I’ll ask them as many times as I need to get real answers from you,” he snaps, trying and failing to keep his cool. Again. “I know you are connected to Sai’s case, I feel-”

“Ah, but you can’t bring feelings as your only evidence to court, can you?” Fake sympathy in Shindou’s voice is grating against Touya’s every nerve. “Which brings us back to your question games, Inspector. Let’s play, then.”

Touya grits his teeth, sits down in his chair and looks in the open, honest face of the prime suspect of the largest criminal case Japan has seen in the last decade.

“Let’s play.”

also on AO3

homra-no-chiwawa asked: Mikoto and Izumo: 16. Hair/Makeup Stylist and Actor/Model!AU :D


“Mikoto, open your eyes,” Izumo says, making the last touches with his brushes and critically viewing his work. Not that he had much to do in the first place – no one really expects Suoh Mikoto to look groomed. Just looking usually does the job.

 Lazily, without a single hurry in the world, Mikoto opens his eyes and smiles.

“It’s good,” he says, “I like it. Your fussing – it’s relaxing.”

“If you think I’m being paid to play with your hair for your amusement, I’m not surprised you can’t work with any other stylist,” Izumo says, amused, and lightly runs his fingers along Mikoto’s temples one last time. “Why do agencies even put up with you, hmm?”

“Don’t know,” Mikoto shrugs, sincerely unaware of and uninterested in the answer. “It pays.”

It sure does, Izumo thinks. People always go to great lengths to get closer to his fire, and paying for an illusion of having his eyes on them is not the only way they go about it, but yes. Modeling pays, you could say that.

“Well, this time, there is something in it for you, too,” Izumo says, bringing up his most familiar and yet most effective trump card. “Guess who’s behind the camera today.”


It’s the only things Mikoto says, but the anticipatory gleam in his eyes as well as the heat suddenly radiating off him already speak volumes. He hasn’t moved an inch from his chair, but the whole room now buzzes with energy.

The photo shoot today will be a success, Izumo thinks with detachment. He knows his job – and his charge – too well for it to be anything but, after all.

also on AO3

made-of-coffee asked: ✫ Momoi/Riko + 22 (sorry but after our talk yesterday I JUST HAD TOO)


so, 22. God and Counterpart From Another Pantheon!AU

The door to the empty locker room closes with deceptive lightness, and Riko feels chills break along her spine. She forcefully shrugs off the irrational feeling of foreboding and returns to looking for her misplaced notebook.

“Lost something, Riko-san?”

A playful laughter, a movement at the edge of her vision. Black cat brushing against her legs. A familiar thrill.


“Oh, Riko-san, must you be so straightforward?” Soft hands brush against her back and nudge her to take one step forward, until Riko is effectively trapped between the lockers and whatever that Egyptian cat has on her mind today.

“What do you want, Bast?” she says, in her most impassive voice. Judge, assess, then act.

“Nothing, Atheeeena.” Bast drags out the syllables of her true name in mocking tone, too close to Riko’s ear for comfort. The damn cat could never really get behind the idea of personal space. “Maybe I just wanted to see how you were doing, old friend.” Small laughter, long hair tickling the skin of Riko’s arms where Bast was leaning in too close.

Riko calls on all of her wisdom to help her act with rationality, slowly turns and looks her opponent straight in the eye.

“I am preparing for war,” she says slowly, her head held high. “If you think I’ll go easy on you, old friend, then you don’t know me at all. It doesn’t matter what the stage is today. War is always war.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” says Bast, looking at her through the eyes of Momoi Satsuki. “See you on the first day of the Winter Cup.”

Before Riko could ask if they were really going to be matched against each other in the first game, her opponent is gone, vanishing like a black cat in a dark alley.

also on AO3

For No Good Reason (a Kuroko no Basuke fic)

For No Good Reason by meguri_aite 

(an aomomo fic complete at 2542 words, featuring Touou ensemble, generation of jailbaits and some Seirin)

written for dear made-of-coffee's birthday as a collaboration with wonderful yonha, who MADE AN AWESOME ILLUSTRATION for the story (also under the cut, but please check out the artist’s blog, too!)


On the day when Momoi Satsuki discovers she has been in love for approximately eighty nine percent of her sixteen-year-long life, she nearly questions her credibility as an analyst.

(you can can read it on AO3 or under the cut)

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